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Our purpose is to encourage both reading and writing for people of all ages. These are skills that open up new vistas for those who practice them often. Our method is three-fold.


1. To encourage reading we have Patches' Pad on the lower portion of this page, which gives us a light-hearted view of life through the eyes of a cat, a cat that will be a character in the Ted Peters mystery series by Arlene Harman beginning with the fourth book, To Kill A Fly, to be released later this year. There is also an on-going series called Louderback which features JJ, an alpaca farmer who always manages to become enmeshed in a local mystery. On the Reader's Corner page all visitors are invited to become members of our book club. Everyone will have the opportunity to nominate a book for reading and discussion; it does not have to be a mystery.

2.) For both aspiring and experienced writers we have Writer's Forum with two articles written at least once a month. The first feature is Matter of Opinion with the current subject listed in bold on the next line. The same format is followed with Grammar ABCs which addresses a different grammatical problem each time. In both cases, visitors are invited to suggest topics they would like to see discussed and comment on the current article.


3.) The third method we use is designed to encourage both reading and writing. The novels by Arlene Harman, currently the Ted Peters mysteries, are featured. A brief synopsis of each book is given along with information on how to obtain them. We are also willing to feature the works of other authors, including those who have self-published. Any author wishing to advertise their books may submit a brief biography and a synopsis of their book. If selected, visitors will be notified on the Home page and they will be directed to the Author's Page to learn about you and your work.. Detailed instructions for submitting your information is provided on that page. There is no charge for this service.

Bittersweet Moment

PatchesThe sweet part is that I have seen a degree of happiness come back into this home and I like to think I've played a part in that. From what I understand, Cricket was the first and only pet my Big Cat's mate ever had and it hit him hard when she died. Jack knew he was dying, too, so he helped pick me to be a companion for his mate after he was gone. I don't quite understand human emotions but from what I've learned so far, that was a very loving thing for him to do and I try my best to live up to their expectations.


My Big Cat, Peggy, is good to me and she tries to give me as normal a life as possible. Sometimes I fail to give her the companionship she needs but I'm still a kitten with lots of energy and I love to be able to go outside, play with my neighbors and yes, sometimes fight with them. Of course, if things start to get too rough, I run back inside and my Big Cat protects me. She sees to it that nothing bad happens to me, which is why she makes me come in at night. Something about a critter called a coyote, another called a bobcat, and something about a couple of birds called eagles and owls and my fur being mostly white. I don't really understand why I should be afraid of them, especially the birds, and I don't always like having the door closed on me, locking me inside, when all I did was come in for a quick bite of food. Still, she tells me it's for my own good and I try to believe her.


I've been told that Criccket's Corner was enjoyed by many and I hope even more will enjoy Patches' Pad. It isn't considered proper to say so but I think more will enjoy my articles because I'm young and have fresh new ideas. Let me tell you a little about myself.


I was found in a vacant lot, abandoned, at the age of four weeks. From there I went to some animal shelter for four weeks. Then I was taken to a store called PetSmart, where my Big Cat and her mate found me. They said that they each saw me at a diffferent time but both were attracted to me and I wanted them the minute they came into the enclosure. But then they left without me and I thought I'd lost a home I dearly wanted. My Big Cat told me they didn't like having to leave me but it wasn't their choice. Something about paperwork, whatever that is, had to be taken care of first.


When they came back for me they put me in a carrier. I didn't like that one bit and made my opinion known as soon as we got into the car. Fortunately, they understood and agreed that was not the place for me. I was released from the carrier and they took turns holding me while the other one drove. It was quite a long ride home because PetSmart is in a city and our home is in a rural area.


As soon as we were inside the house they put me down and tried to show me where the food and litter box was but I was more interested in checking out my new home. Inside of thirty minutes I knew every inch of it. They told me that I was very different because all their other cats basically lived on the bed for the first two weeks, afraid to go further than the necessary places. That would be boring and I'm very glad I'm different. I like being an individual!


I wasn't allowed to go outside at first, which really started to frustrate me. After my Big Cat's mate died, she gradually started letting me explore the outdoors. She stayed outside with me at first and then little by little left me on my own. Even now she checks on me from time to time, calling me to make sure I'm okay. That makes me feel good because I know she's thinking of me.


Well, that's about it for my first article. I hope you've enjoyed learning a little about me and in future articles I will continue in Cricket's pawprints by writing about things that affect us all but it will be from my own unique point of view. If there's a subject you'd like me to write about or a question you have, I hope you'll email me at patches@harmanmysteries.com and I'll do my best to address your thoughts.


If you have anecdotes about life with your pets, we'd be happy to hear from you and we'll even post sof of them. Until then, I'm . .


. . . wishing you a playful time,